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Meet the Devs - 2018


Brand & Production Manager & Co-Founder of Kunos Simulazioni

Marco Massarutto, Co-Founder and Brand & Product Manager for more than 10 years at Kunos Simulazioni.


With his associate, Stefano Casillo, they developed various titles, such as Ferrari Virtual Academy, Assetto Corsa (title with almost 1.5 million copies sold; a good example of success both in Italy and Europe) and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Marco is also an immense fan of Nature, and he declared that - if possible - he would have been in another life David Attenborough or Jamiroquai, or even both of them. 
In his spare time, he loves volunteering and riding motorcycles or cars.

Development and evolution of driving simulators

How a project, born from the passion for engines, becomes a real new technology, able to satisfy a lot of different needs: from a professional training software to a way to promote business, to a sim.racer video game, based on dynamic models with the maximum realism.

Different perspectives for the development of the simulators, in particular, the driving simulators.

Marco will also talk about “how to create a nonsuccessful product”, showing the differences of approach between Kunos Simulazioni’s first (nonsuccessful) title and Assetto Corsa.


Lectio Magistralis (Production)

05/05/2018, from 3,30 pm to 4,30 pm
Track 1

The maximum number of participants in this Lectio Magistralis is 40