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Meet the Devs - 2018


Game Designer & Level Designer at Milestone

Federico Spada was born and raised in Milan. He discovered the world of games thanks to an old "Risk!", game he found in his parents' house basement.


As he grew up he developed a deep connection with both digital and board games, which makes him an avid collector and player even now. He believes that collecting and playing games is a really good way to know more and study them. He started his developer career creating prototypes for his own games. When he finally had the chance, he moved to Canada in order to study game design and game development. Once back from his experience abroad, he managed to find a job in the board game industry and, shortly after, started to move his first steps in the videogames industry. He actually has a job in Milestone, where he works as level and presentation designer, never forgetting the world of analogic games, where the magic happened for the first time.

Principles of  Level Design applied to Racing Games

Let's plunge into the world of Level Design for Racing Games. How do you design a track? How can you make a gamer whizz about at top speed on a route you have never seen before? What makes a game "different" from any other?

Those and more ideas to better understand how to create an incredible racing game!

Talk (Production)

05/05/2018, from 5 pm to 6 pm

Track 1