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Meet the Devs - 2018

Level Up gathers some of the best and most successful game developers from all around the world in the eternally beautiful city of Rome.

Andrea Pessino (Ready At Dawn), Craig Morrison (Blizzard), Rèka Sugar (Electronic Arts), Yara Khoury (Outpost Games, Visceral Games), Tom Isaksen (Ubisoft) and Patrick Munnik (Guerrilla Games) are among the fantastic speakers that will go on stage during the event.


MasterClasses and talks of one hour length with the last 15 minutes dedicated to debate and Q&A cover many current and innovative topics: from machine learning to procedural music, from digital sculpting to programming and game design.

The two-hours workshops are addressed to students and aspiring game developers, who want to learn basic practical skills to work in a game studio as well as human skills like team building, teamwork, management and problem solving, currently required to work in any field but fundamental to develop a game.

In this section you will find all speakers with a short bio and a nice pic. Just scroll down the page to know more about their lives and the games they worked on.